“An atmospheric ‘out of world’ experience.”
Pam, passer-by at YCHI

YCHI  | “An Ode to Attention”
site-specific, long-durational performance

For 10 days in a row, 100 hours in total I repeated 1 action: cutting down trees, about 1.000 of them. Every movement I gave my full attention, tree after tree, hour after hour, day after day, in order to create a bubble of attention.

How shall this effect the forest, the passers-by and what will this excessive attention do to myself ?

YCHI is inspired by the Japanese art of growing pears. In 2016 I lived in the countryside of Kyushu surrounded by pear farmers who cultivate the perfect pear by wrapping them in paper bags. How many pears on a tree? How many trees on an orchard? One action repeated over and over again, day in day out, month after month, and every time with the same love and care resulting in a specimen in the perfect shape and with a heavenly taste. Is this due to the type of pear, the paper bags or due to the attention?



“Een rustgevende performance die een moment van stilte als vanzelf oproept.
De aandacht voor de voortgang is een compliment waard.
Leuke performance met doordacht concept.”
Frits, passant bij YCHI